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Compare Portable Partitions Manufacturer Chart

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers - Proven Quality You Can Count On

For over 25 years, companies have tried and failed to match the quality found in Screenflex Room Dividers.  Stringent standards of excellence that our customers demand has made us the leader in the room divider industry. The chart below shows that when we compare our portable partitions to our competitors', the finer details make the difference. Screenflex offers a tougher, American built, better sound absorbing, and safer room divider. Not only do we build a quality room divider, we also do our best to provide a great buying and customer service experience. We specially designed the packaging to make sure your dividers arrive safely, and we stand by our quality with a money back guarantee. View the compare portable partitions chart for yourself and learn what sets Screenflex Room Dividers apart from the rest. Compare Portable Partitions Infographic