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When in need of a room divider solution that will segment the space without blocking the view, opt for Screenflex clear dividers. They are adequate for a variety of situations:

  • To restrict access or navigate. On an airport, train/bus station, in a hotel or a school – clear dividers allow you to restrict navigate people and restrict access to certain areas without blocking the view.
  • Group projects whether in schools, seminars, or any type of training, where participants should be separated into groups, but the teacher still wishes to keep a close eye on everyone from every angle.
  • Temperature management in lobby areas, where cold exterior air easily enters the front door. Connecting multiple clear dividers can reduce the draft and the force at which the air enters the room.

… and many more. What contributes to the versatility of Screenflex clear dividers is their unique design. Over the years, we have listened to our clients and decided to come up with a solution that would meet all of their requirements.
Our clear room dividers:

  • Incorporate steel end frame for stability
  • Are equipped with self-leveling caster wheels
  • 6mm crystal-clear OPTIX® acrylic

What sets Screenflex room dividers apart from all others is their non-yellowing, lightweight, and highly impact-resistant surface for added durability. Our transparent panels are affixed to the custom anodized extruded aluminum channels with a silicone adhesive, so you can rest assured they will serve you for years to come. Minor assembly is required for one panel clear dividers.

Frosted Partitions

Frosted acrylic panels are a perfect option for when you need privacy while still allowing some light and see-through capabilities. These panels are excellent for clinics, offices, schools, or check-in areas. With the possibility to frost only half of the divider, workers can communicate with others through the clear part while still offering privacy for any paperwork or information on their desks. These translucent frosted plexiglass panels work great for patients filling out medical information and social distancing during vaccination clinics and other healthcare-related needs.

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Permanently attached panelock secure divers panels in any position desired with just a twist of the knob. Hinges will lock in place from 0 to 180 degrees. Black metal locks can be retrofit to any Screenflex divider.

A set of self leveling caster wheels. One wheel is resting on a stack on quarters. A set of self leveling caster wheels. One wheel is resting on a stack on quarters.

Full Contact Self-Leveling Casters

ONLY Screenflex uses self-leveling casters on our room dividers to conform to the dips and rises in a floor’s surfaces.

Two panel clear room divider stores compactly

Folds Compactly

Amazing compact storage. Folds compactly for a storage in a 102 cm by  space.

Clear divider panel surrounded by a black aluminum metal frame

Aluminum Framing

This movable clear divider provides sturdy extruded aluminium channel framing with a black anodised finish.

Wet erase and liquid chalk marker compatible

Wet Erase Compatible

Conveniently use with wet erase and liquid chalk markers.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Made in the USA From 76% Recycled Material Made in the USA From 76% Recycled Material

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

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Chrome Connectors Secure Panels Together

Chrome Multi-Unit Connector

A set of chrome plated Multi-Unit Connectors installed on the end of each Screenflex Room Divider allows you to customize the length of your room divider. A simple turn of the latch joins dividers together to form the length you desire. Connectors may also be used to attach dividers to a Screenflex Wall Frame for a more permanent room divider solution.

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    Clear Acrylic Panel

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We are required to follow certain safety guidelines and needed something that guests can see through and be out of danger. Screenflex Clear Dividers fit within our guidelines and allow our guests to view drone testing.
We needed to provide a quiet seating area in the library, but we also needed to monitor it.  The clear room divider was the perfect solution.
Needed multiple purpose divider for a quiet room, breastfeeding room for staff and family.  Need the clear writable board for meetings etc.