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Portable Room Dividers

Divide Rooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials


Are you looking to optimise a work environment to elevate everyone’s productivity levels? Screenflex room dividers represent the highest quality portable partition solution for different markets, from education and hospitality to healthcare and religious. Whether you need a space that provides peace and quiet for concentration or want an organisation solution that will act as a moveable display for art pieces, educational or promotional material – Screenflex room dividers are designed to deliver a variety of solutions for both the working and relaxing environment.

Art Displays

Are you in need of a creative solution to display new art pieces in any available space? Screenflex portable walls are designed with 19mm thick panels made from a closed-cell honeycomb core, covered with fiberglass and stitch-bonded polyester fabric – you can pin, tack or staple whatever you want and the piece will stay intact for the duration of the exhibit.


Open-plan office design is becoming more popular by the minute, as it allows for easier teamwork and collaboration. But what do you do when you require some time for yourself to relax, or to brainstorm in a smaller team without distraction? You set up Screenflex room dividers to act as stable acoustic barriers. Place them wherever you need them in a matter of seconds!


Are you looking to provide more one-on-one time for your students, or enable them to work in smaller groups to deliver a better learning experience? Screenflex dividers fit in great with any educational institution due to their multifunctionality – these easy-to-set-up portable partitions act as bulletin boards, marker boards and wet erase panels, thus representing an all-in-one solution for the educator who needs a surface to display artwork or study materials.

Government - GSA

Screenflex room dividers are suitable for all government entities and institutions that are looking to use their open spaces more efficiently. Since our establishment, we have helped a number of U.S. government facilities utilise their space to the best of its ability, and now we offer our services and unmatched portable partition solutions to Australian citizens.


Quality of service and privacy are highly valued in any healthcare facility. However, Screenflex room dividers are not just an exceptional acoustic solution for large hospital rooms – our clients appreciate their multi-practicality and versatility of design. They come in a variety of sizes and Colors, eliminating the sterile feeling of a healthcare environment and creating a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere.


In order for your venue to answer anyone’s unique request, Screenflex offers high-quality multifunctional room dividers. Whether you are managing a restaurant, a banquet hall, a hotel, a casino or any other hospitality venue, you are bound to benefit from our portable partitions that act as display solutions. You’ll appreciate their easy setup and self-leveling casters that make them appropriate for any space.

Other Markets

Your business or a facility you are running doesn’t seem to fit with the description of any markets we’ve mentioned on our website? There is nothing to worry about – feel free to get in touch with one of our professionals and learn more about our room dividers and their uses. We are certain that there’s a way for them to contribute to your environment, whether acting as a noise-reductive, display, or decorative solution.


Screenflex room dividers are designed to serve a noble purpose – they enable you to create a quiet space for a bible study, worship center or when you need to make room for Sunday School classes and one-on-one confessionals. Our portable partitions come in a rich array of Colors and sizes, offering a uniquely practical room dividing solution for any space. Screenflex’ goal is to enable anyone to benefit from their mobile room dividers, so they come at a highly affordable price.

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Fall Creek School District loves the privacy Screenflex dividers provide

“We have very young children that are easily distracted and hard to contain when they can see other parts of the room. Screenflex Room Dividers SOLVED the problem. We now make it all the way through our structured activities without an issue.”

Aron | Fall Creek School District

“Our church became a portable church while were constructing our new building. We needed to divide the foyer of our rented space into classrooms. Screenflex Room Dividers provided the perfect separation and look great!”

Shelly | Crossroads Church
Screenflex portable partitions assist healthcare professionals in adhering to HIPPA laws

“During our high volume times, we need to set up stretchers in the hallway to care for patients. Screenflex portable partitions furnish privacy to those patients. ”

Julie | Martin Health System
Portable Room Dividers increase the amount of available classrooms

“We had a wonderful buying experience with Screenflex. From the beginning as we researched and compared products, through a very smooth delivery, everything was super. Communication was great! These quality dividers were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition. ”

Jeffrey | LifeSpring Church