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Letters to a Soldier

Soldiers Marching

Letters to a Soldier

Recently, a co worker’s son joined the military. Over the years, their son had come into the office and we have had the opportunity to see him grow up. He was always polite to us but on the quiet side. We would exchange pleasantries, but did not really get to know him.
One of the ladies here decided to pass a card and we all sent him a little note of encouragement. You do not realize how much these young men and woman look forward to hear news from home. He was so appreciative to hear from us. He replied back right away. It was so interesting to hear about his experiences. Several people wrote back and he replied to each one.
He spoke about how they either stand, march, eat or sleep. They have no comforts. One of the things that he misses is a comfortable place to sit, other than the floor or his bunk. He looked forward to riding a bus to hear music. No IPODs allowed there. We are so used to texting, and emailing. In this day and age we take all that for granted. We can only correspond with him by snail mail. I do believe he is able to call home once in awhile. He is allowed two rings of the phone and if the recipient does not answer it moves to the next person’s turn.
Our letters give him enjoyment and knowledge that someone out there cares. Today we are putting together a simple questioner for him to fill out. We expect he will reply right away. We are sending stamps and labels so to make it easier for him to correspond.
This has really opened our eyes to how these young people feel. Keep in mind some of these young men and women, have no one to write to them. They must feel so isolated from the outside world. Our youth’s are so tuned into texting and emailing. It is harder for them to be cut off from all the electronics’. If you have an opportunity to write to a soldier I encourage you to do so. It just takes a few minutes and it is nothing compared to what they are doing for us.

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