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Classroom Transformation Ideas

The Location

KingsWay Christian Academy

The Challenge

Establish classrooms in a gymnasium

The Solution

Ok, I have to agree that there is a lot going on in this picture.  But could you imagine how unorganized this newly constructed space would look without the room dividers? KingsWay Christian Academy needed to transform a workout facility into a thriving school.  With the help of their parents and staff, the transformation was completed in just one week.  Because the workout gym was one large open space with a tall ceiling, they needed movable walls that could be positioned to create the right number of classrooms and hallways.  The portable partitions allow KingsWay to change the room configurations from year-to-year as the class sizes change.  The lighting and HVAC system isn’t hindered by the movable walls.  Teachers are free to tack, pin or staple items onto the fabric walls to customize their space.  Congratulations KingsWay on a wonderful transformation.  Below is a video of the school space completed.

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