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Solutions to Distractions in the Classroom

A light duty divider separated a small classroom into two rooms

The Location

Tiller School

The Challenge

Eliminate distractions in the classroom and therapy room

The Solution


“We EC teachers at Tiller School in Beaufort, N.C. want you to know how grateful we are for our new room divider! Our students are very susceptible to distractions, so sharing a classroom was not at all an ideal situation. Our new Screenflex room divider gave us two more private workspaces, while greatly reducing noise and movement distractions. We love it that we can also hang student work on the divider!

I also would like to thank you and your staff.  Your customer service has been top-notch! ~ Mike Easton”

Dear Mike – It was our pleasure to work with you and your expert team.  After listening to your need to provide privacy for a therapy room within a classroom, we knew a Screenflex Room Divider was the answer.  Thanks for sharing your story with us!


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