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6'8" Room Dividers

Photo Gallery of 6'8" Room Dividers in Use

Our 6'8" room dividers are one of our top selling heights. This size room divider is ideal for dividing a space into additional classrooms, creating displays, and for absorbing sound. The height allows for light, heat and air conditioning to travel throughout the space while creating division where needed. To best serve our customers, Screenflex Room Dividers offers 36 size choices ranging from 4'0" to 8'0" in height and 5'9" to 24'1 in length. You can choose from a 3-panel unit to a 13-panel unit to best fit your space. No need to worry about selecting the correct size room divider, our sales and design staff are here to help. Screenflex offers a free no-obligation design service to assist you in selecting the correct size and colors dividers. From your drawings, a 2D or 3D rendering is created displaying the correct size and number of dividers needed to solve your room dividing needs. We also offer 38 fabric/vinyl colors for you to choose from.

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