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Screenflex Partitions as Portable Crowd Control Barriers

Screenflex Room Divider separates cafeteria from game room at an indoor game center.
portable crowd control barrier at an indoor amusement park to separate games from dining area.
Portable crowd control barrier between concessions and games in a family fun center.
2 connected room dividers create a wall separating a party room from games at an indoor amusement center.
A Colorsful party room is divided into two eating areas with a red Screenflex Room Divider.
Two red Screenflex Room Dividers connected to create a curved barrier wall between a merry go round and a cafeteria at a family fun center.

The Location

Family Fun Center

The Challenge

Safety barriers around attractions

The Solution

Portable Crowd Control Barriers by Screenflex

Indoor and outdoor theme parks are always in need of a way to quickly funnel crowds, separate age groups or seal off out of service areas.  Screenflex Divider Partitions do double duty as lightweight portable crowd control barriers, allowing you to efficiently move patrons through high traffic areas, and for keeping patrons out of closed or unsafe areas.  

Portable dividers come in different lengths, heights, fabrics (even vinyl!) and Colors to match your decor, and if chosen, affixed with your logo.  If permanence is desired, Screenflex Divider Partitions also come in a Wallmount style.

In addition to their use as portable crowd control barriers, Screenflex divider partitions can be used to section off areas designated for younger guests and their chaperones.

And because they can be moved anywhere and easily repositioned into any shape, Screenflex divider partitions are a versatile addition to your facility.












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