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Screenflex Videos - Product Information

To better inform our customers, the Screenflex staff have created several videos explaining product information, usage and testimonies of our Screenflex products.
Our library of videos includes many instructional and how-to topics to help educate our customers about the features and nuances of our portable room dividers. You’ll find videos on applications, product features, options, set-up tips, model choices, creative ideas and a few videos just for fun. Most videos are relatively short in length. Screenflex offers room dividers in 36 sizes and 38 colors to fit your room divider needs.  To learn more about Screenflex Room Dividers, view our videos or contact a sales representative.

Why Screenflex Portable Partitions Are The Best Room Dividers On The Market

Screenflex Portable Partition is the Best Room Divider On The Market Temporary classrooms, meetings, multi-purpose rooms. There are so many reasons…

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Sound Absorbing Room Dividers

Sound Absorbing Room Dividers are a great way to reduce noise in the classroom, office, daycare, or at church.  Arranging…

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American Made Room Dividers by Screenflex

Transcript for American Made Room Dividers by Screenflex Enjoy this short video on American Made Room Dividers made by Screenflex…

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Folding Walls Stabilized by Wide Steel End Frame

Screenflex Folding Walls offer a durable solution for dividing rooms into smaller spaces, displaying artwork, or even creating a sound barrier…

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Sound Absorbing Wall Panels Demonstration

Portable Sound Absorbing Wall Panels Do noisy co-workers leave you frustrated?  Is it difficult to find much need privacy in…

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Using Classroom Partitions to Reduce Distractions

Creating the most optimized learning environment is every teachers' goal in the classroom.  This is often difficult with class sizes…

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Available Portable Partition Wall Sizes

Screenflex portable partition walls come in a variety of sizes and Colors.  For information visit our interactive size demonstration at…

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Movable Partitions Arrive Ready-to-Use

After purchasing your Screenflex Movable Partitions, it takes two weeks to build and one week to ship the partition to your…

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Portable Dry Erase Board Versatility

Transform any classrooms or conference area with Screenflex Portable Dividers. To enhance your meeting or learning space, consider adding a portable…

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Folding Wall Partitions Building Material

Featured in this video are the quality standard features Screenflex puts into every one of its U.S. made folding wall partitions.…

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Portable Display Towers and Room Dividers by Screenflex

Screenflex Portable Display Tower ranges in height from 5'9" to 6'5" and are offered in three or six panel units…

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Stable Room Dividers That Last

For additional information on Screenflex stable portable walls, visit or contact a sales representative at (800)553-0110. Transcript for Stable…

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