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How are Screenflex Room Dividers Used?


How are Screenflex room dividers used?

Who –

We are Screenflex Room Dividers, a privately held company headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois

What –

Screenflex Room Dividers are the premier manufacturer of portable room divider partitions and a supplier of institutions & facilities across all industries.

When –

Screenflex Room Dividers was founded in 1988 by Paul, Rich and John Maas.

Where –

Screenflex Room Dividers sales and production office is located at 585 Capital Drive in Lake Zurich, Illinois.  All Screenflex Room Dividers and associated products are manufactured in the United States, at our Lake Zurich, Illinois facility.

Why –

The idea for our flagship product, the portable classroom, was born from the founders’ early architectural work with churches, and in the construction field.  They noticed that many churches could avoid costly building renovations simply by better using their existing space.  Instead of permanent walls, all they really needed was to temporarily divide their space!  Throughout the years our customers told us they love the concept of the portable classroom but also had a need for the divider panels by themselves.  We responded with our Standard Room Divider line.  Since then, we have added, several room divider products to our room divider line.

How –

Buying from Screenflex Room Dividers is fast and convenient.  Simply tell us what your needs are, maybe even hand draw a little sketch if you’d like, and we will help you find the right solution to solve your need.

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