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Photos of 6 Feet Room Dividers in Use

We like our 6'0" Screenflex Room Dividers for their ease of mobility. The 6 feet room divider can be easily rolled through a standard doorway to be used anywhere throughout your facility. It's height allows for ample division within a space while allowing light and air to circulate throughout the room. To best serve our customers, Screenflex Room Dividers offers 38 size choices ranging from 4'0" to 8'0" in height and 5'9" to 24'1 in length. You can choose from a 3-panel unit to a 13-panel unit to best fit your space. No need to worry about selecting the correct size room divider, our sales and design staff are here to help. Screenflex offers a free no-obligation design service to assist you in selecting the correct size and colors dividers. From your drawings, a 2D or 3D rendering is created displaying the correct size and number of dividers needed to solve your room dividing needs.

Collaborative Workspace Dividers

How do you brainstorm ideas? Most of the time, an effective way to do it in a small group is…

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Children's Ministry Space Renovations

Whether you are making small updates or doing a complete remodel, there comes a time when every children’s ministry space…

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Divide and Conquer Your Facility Space

Black Room Dividers Divide Space and Provide Privacy Open facility space is good until you need privacy.  Wouldn't you like to…

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Historical Museum Display Stands

This image demonstrates a great way to use a room divider as a display panel such as done here by…

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Orlando Airport Secures Areas Not in Use with Portable Room Dividers

Screenflex Room Divider ~ Orlando Airport Terminal When our sales team was traveling through the Orlando aviation terminal we were…

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Tackable Portable Art Display System

We have found that an art display system comes in all different sizes, shapes, and material.  It's the ones that…

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Managing Your Religious Facility Space

Dividing Rooms in Your Religious Facility with Screenflex Room Dividers Alpine Chapel in Lake Zurich, IL, offers a weekly Bible…

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Affordable Education Art Display System

Why use a Portable Education Art Display System After working with churches, schools, and businesses for the past 26 years…

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Popular Middle School Art Show Display

The Meads Middle School administrators highly encourage teachers and students to foster creativity in the learning process for its students.…

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Medical Partition | Patient Privacy Screen

Privacy Screens, Room Dividers, Privacy Panels, Hospital Curtains, Medical Partitions Screenflex offers a variety of privacy screens for use by…

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Press Conference Backdrop Provided by Screenflex Room Dividers

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ The Solution For a Decorative Press Conference Backdrop In an effort to be transparent to the American…

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Library Temporary Walls Promote Learning

From offering collaborative learning space, computers, books and research and study tips, today's libraries are the hub of the school.…

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