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Movable Church Partitions Solve Your Spatial Needs

Movable church partitions create much needed space

The Location

Rustic Hills Baptist Church

The Challenge

Divide room into two rooms for classes

The Solution

Hosting multiple ministries in a large multi-purpose room requires a lot of coordination and patience.  Often times several groups use this space at the same time resulting in no privacy and a noisy environment.  As a result, Rustic Hills Baptist Church began its search for a solution to this shared space.  Our consultants explained the many options and features that are unique to Screenflex dividers.  Such as their tackability, sound absorption and the quality of materials used in each divider shipped.  It was a no-brainer for Rustic Hills to order two 5-panel movable church partitions.  This size works great in their room, provides the privacy they need and they move freely throughout the room.  Now, multiple ministries can use this shared space with the privacy they need.

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