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Portable Art Display Panels by Screenflex

The Location

Mick B. Paintings

The Challenge

Portable art display panels

The Solution


Mike contacted Screenflex looking for portable art display panels to showcase his artwork at art shows.  Our Screenflex sales consultant listened to Mike’s needs to decide the best size and Colors options.  They needed to be transportable in his vehicle and hold plenty of art pieces.  Since Screenflex room dividers roll on wheels, they adapt to various floor surfaces keeping your divider level at all times.  Mike chose a neutral fabric Colors to highlight his artwork.  Today, there are 38 Colors to choose from and 6 heights and 6 lengths in room divider sizes.

Portable art display panels save time and money

“My Screenflex temporary walls worked like a charm and cut my setup time by at least one-third,”  Mike added an optional multi-unit connector to each of his dividers to secure the units together to make a longer wall.

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