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Vinyl Room Dividers Provide a Clean Look

White vinyl room dividers match the room design

The Location

Orange Island Culture Salon

The Challenge

Additional storage space

The Solution

The Orange Island Culture Salon is a great example of a facility that requires a space that is malleable, ever-changing to the needs of their community.  A cultural center is a wonderful place to have in the community where students of all ages – from young children to retired seniors – can exchange ideas, learn, and enjoy art and music.  To accommodate their every changing space needs they use Screenflex folding partition walls. Whether it is to create a storage room, divide a classroom in half, or for privacy for a meeting, Screenflex room dividers can adjust to their needs.  Since it can be wiped clean, the salon staff chose vinyl room dividers.  Choose a room divider Colors from our 38 Colors choices. You are sure to find one that compliments your design

“Behind Screenflex, there are chairs and other things hidden.  I think the Colors perfectly matches with the room,” states Aki



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