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For our loyal clients in the healthcare industry, Screenflex has specially designed room dividers to provide ultimate privacy, that is equally appreciated by patients and healthcare staff.

Our Healthflex room dividers are manufactured to absorb up to 50% of ambient sounds, thus improving the general quality of healthcare services. As a portable partition is set around a patient’s bed, they get the much needed privacy to rehabilitate. They feel free to communicate anything with the medical staff since anyone who is outside of the partition will not be able to hear them.

On the other hand, medical practitioners report that less clerical errors are made, which usually occur due to background noise and constant distractions.
Healthflex room dividers are easy to assemble and disassemble by anyone. Furthermore, they come with self-leveling casters and locking-end casters that ensure the stability of the partition regardless of the floor level.

Here’s what makes our Healthflex partitions stand out on the market:

  • Acoustical core
  • Antimicrobial coating which prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Adjustable casters
  • Steel end supports
  • Multi-unit connectors

Antibacterial protection

Take advantage of the Screenflex Healthflex room dividers which are designed with the patient’s satisfaction, safety and health in mind. They provide each patient with an intimate corner of their own and are designed in accordance with the HIPAA regulations. Its antibacterial coating ensures no harmful organism will nest in the patient’s vicinity.


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Honeycomb core panel Honeycomb core panel

Sound Absorbing Panels

Each 19mm thick panel is made of a closed-cell honeycomb core for maximum sound absorption  Followed by two layers of environmentally friendly insulation to absorb ambient noise.  The panel is then covered in 76% recycled fabric to reduce noise by up to 55%.  A steel frame surrounds the entire panel for added strength.

Display Items on Portable Partitions Display Items on Portable Partitions

Tackable Fabric Panels

Like a bulletin board, you can pin, staple, or tack items directly onto the panels. Screenflex Room Dividers are constructed using 19 mm thick panels made out of a closed-cell honeycomb core covered with two layers of fiberglass insulation overlayed with stitch-bonded polyester fabric to provide you with years of dependable use.

Antimicrobial resistant protectant Antimicrobial resistant protectant

Antimicrobial Coating

SmartShield is an EPA approved antimicrobial coating that is factory applied to any fabric Screenflex temporary partition.  The antimicrobial coating provides an extra layer of protection against germs and allows for an overall cleaner environment.

Full-Length Hinges Connect Room Divider Panels Every 4 Inches Full-Length Hinges Connect Room Divider Panels Every 4 Inches

Full-Length Hinges

Metal Full-Length Hinges connect acoustical panels, top to bottom, to provide strength and stability.

sleek end frames

Sleek End Frame

Our Healthflex Room Divider features an end frame that is low to the ground and out of the way for patients. Some assembly is required to attach the end frame to the divider upon delivery.

Retain a Stable Divider by Manually Adjusting Room Divider Casters

Manually Adjustable Casters

Adjusting the height of your divider is as easy as a twist of your wrist. Manually adjusting the casters allows you to achieve just the right height for your divider.

Locking Corner Casters Secure Dividers Into Position Locking Corner Casters Secure Dividers Into Position

Locking Corner Casters

Pedal activated brakes on Locking Corner Casters keep the acoustical panels secure and steady.  Our self-leveling casters swivel 360 degrees for easy positioning and setup.

A partially opened fabric room divider focusing on the position control hinges at the top of the room divider A partially opened fabric room divider focusing on the position control hinges at the top of the room divider

Position Control Hinges

Position-control hinges (PCHs) are located at the top of each hinge. When the divider is opened, a soft click indicates the PCH is applying just the right amount of position-holding tension on each hinge.

Made in the USA From 76% Recycled Material Made in the USA From 76% Recycled Material

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

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Designer Fabric - 100% Recycled Polyester

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    Primary Blue

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    Apple Green

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    Primary Yellow

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    Dark Brown

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    Primary Red

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    Charcoal Black

Excel Fabric - 100% Recycled Polyester

  • image-title

    Summer Blue

  • image-title

    Grey Smoke

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  • image-title

    Sea Green

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  • image-title


Royal Vinyl Upgrade

  • image-title

    Blue Tide

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    Raspberry Mist

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We run a vaccination clinic within big box stores, due to state regulations we are required to manage walls to separate the clients from other shopping customers.  We couldn't be more pleased with the flexibility your Healthflex dividers provide.
We needed a portable divider for an exam room.  These partitions provide the right amount of patient privacy.
We're using these portable medical privacy screens to create "rooms" within a room for small groups of students learning nursing skills.