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Choose Your Favorite Screenflex Room Divider Color

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ 37 Portable Room Divider Colors

When selecting your room divider Colors there are several factors to consider.  Do you get a muted Colors to blend in with the decor of the space or do you select a bolder Colors to compliment the decor?  No matter the criteria or Colors you choose, all of our fabrics are durable, 100% polyester. And although some variation in weaves and bonding will be found, they will all perform to the highest standards.  With over 37 fabric and vinyl Colors to choose from you are sure to find the best room divider Colors for your room.

Our vinyl coverings are an excellent choice for durability as well. The vinyl surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Please keep in mind that we do not recommend tacking items to the vinyl panels as it can damage the surface. We have added a fabric-like grain pattern embossed into the vinyl to simulate fabric. Choose vinyl in medical situations, food prep areas or other messy environments.

Once you begin using your Screenflex Room Dividers you will discover the possibilities are endless. You may consider adding full panel dry erase boards to your next room divider purchase.

In 2015, we began offering clear acrylic panels and metal welding screens to our product line.

Please view this short video addressing Screenflex divider fabric and vinyl Colors.

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