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Portable Wall Partitions Provide the Privacy You Need

therapy room within a workout hall
Freestanding partitions create a private therapy room in training center.

The Location

Physiocare P.T. Sports Medicine

The Challenge

Privacy for one-on-one physical therapy

The Solution


Physiocare had secured a great space for their physical therapy.  It had plenty of room and was in a great location.  After operating in the space for awhile, they discovered the need for private physical therapy space for clients receiving one-on-one care.  The management didn’t allow for any new construction.  Plus construction was expensive and time-consuming.  John contacted our office to learn more about our portable wall partitions and how they could help solve their problem.  Screenflex sales consultant, Kim, recommended a 13-panel unit that could extend from the wall and the panels could be manipulated to create a 90-degree angle to form the corners of the wall.  The lighting and HVAC services could still flow throughout the new PT space.


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