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Photos of Room Divider uses in a Community Center

Whether a community center is publicly or privately owned the goal is the same, to offer a safe environment for community members to gather for meetings, exchange ideas, participate in classes, or to participate in a senior citizen daycare or preschool class.  With the need to serve a growing population, the need for space is at an all-time high.  Each facility must learn to serve the public with the space that is allotted to them.  Screenflex Room Dividers have played an important role in maximizing existing space.  Room dividers can separate any room into multiple rooms by simply rolling the room divider into place.  Instead of hosting one dance class in a room, multiple classes can occur simultaneously.  Exercise rooms can be separated for private training or massages.  Or a private meeting area or party room can be sectioned off in the dining hall for guests to enjoy.  No room division need is too small or too large for Screenflex.  We offer 36 sizes and 38 room divider colors.

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