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Museum uses for Room Dividers

Visiting a museum takes us to places we can only imagine and exposes us to things beyond our imagination.  They allow us to see, experience and touch things of the past and the future along with educating us, bringing us together and inspiring us. Putting together a dynamic exhibit takes time and coordination to prepare.  Museums are always looking for ways to improve their facility and what they offer to the public. To maintain privacy to the workers and guests, portable room dividers are ideal for shielding areas under construction or repair. By using room dividers as barriers, it preserves the integrity of the overall look and feel of the museum.  Not only can Screenflex Room Dividers provide protection for museums under repair they can create visual display walls and aid in crowd control. Information can be tacked, stapled, or clipped to the fabric panels. Choose from over 36 sizes and 38 colors.

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