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Crowd Control uses for Room Dividers

Crowd control in a stadium, airport, amusement park, or club is essential to ensuring the safety of all individuals involved. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are key to keeping guests moving in an orderly fashion and towards their intended goal. These portable dividers are easy to use as the need arises since they roll on self-leveling caster wheels to maintain a stable unit at all times. When the separators need to be moved, simply roll them to another location as needed.  It is that easy! Screenflex offers 38 colors and 36 sizes to choose from. Select a fabric or vinyl style that matches your decor or a colors that stands out in a crowd. Consider personalizing your room dividers with a logo or full-size mural laminated to our panels. Available on all size dividers up to 8′-0′′ tall by 24′- 1′′ long.

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